Cormoran Strike Series

Book review

The story of Robin and Cormoran Strike is absolutely stunning. Their unique bonding and a slight touch of romance in a professional setting are so pleasing. The unsaid chemistry between the two co-workers is rather amusing. Although they have chosen to keep things professional at work, love has its own planning.

The Cormoran Strike series written by R.K Rowling portrays an in-depth feeling between a boss and his subordinate. So engrossed in solving murder cases, they have hardly acknowledged the strong bonding of love that has developed between them.

Trying to keep things professional, Robin and Cormoran have slipped into love. The novel also portrays how women in Cormoran’s life have completely changed his career. Initially, Cormoran tried to get rid of her, doubting her capability and inability to do her job being a woman. The truth is he was afraid of putting her in dangerous situations. However, due to Robin’s persistence and acceptance to do the job despite the low pay kept the two going.

The strong bonding and teamwork ensured impeccable success at work. Both solved murder cases together and soon become popular investigators. Every challenge, every danger, and every problem were solved together be it professional or personal. Surprisingly, professionalism and personal life never got blended. Readers can’t help but admire the bond between two workers or perhaps lovers.

We are yet to discover more in the upcoming series of Cormoran Strike.

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Everything About ChatGPT


Have you heard about ChatGPT?

It’s a mesmerizing AI tool that can answer your questions & get mundane work solved within seconds! Atleast it tries to.

ChatGPT is an example of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) developed by San Francisco-based AI research company OpenAI.  This Chatbot is programmed to understand human commands and generate response on it.  It has the ability to write codes, song lyrics, poems, short stories and marketing copies.

What makes it so special?

The conversational aspect of this chatbot is what makes it unique & special. It is completely packed with advanced functionalities with grasp of humour and language nuances. One can also call this a “handy little internet search engine”. According to CNBC, it is one of the most powerful and largest language processing AI tools till date. ChatGPT is now the talk of the business community. The human like responses makes this viral chatbot very special.

Why is it considered to be a revolution?

The growth rate of ChatGPT has surpassed Instagram and Facebook hitting approximately about 1 million users as per statists.

This chatbot is making headlines about it being an AI revolution!

Accordingly to analysts, it is a critical step in the era of artificial intelligence. ChatGPT exemplifies various other AI tools that are most likely to transform industries like finance, manufacturing as well as healthcare. Although chatbots have been prevalent for some time now, there is a hype about ChatGPT due to its advanced features and human like responses. This could be the start of even better chatbots and AI in the future. The advancement of ChatGPT have allowed various other chatbots to improve their understanding and response to user input.

Benefits of ChatGPT

The natural language processing (NLP) powered bots are surely gonna make our lives easier. It has the ability to revolutionize industries and resolve pressing problems.

Some benefits include:

  • Automated repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • It can reduce the cost of human labour
  • Can help in making informed business decisions
  • It can improve the experience of customers

Possible Limitations & Disadvantages

 While ChatGPT is now the ‘Talk Of The Town’ – it has its own limitations.

There are concerns about it being ‘WRONG’ or ‘IRRELEVANT’

Some of its limitations include (as per present version):

  • Limited knowledge (for example, it can’t tell you the weather conditions)
  • Lack of personal touch/emotions/ personal experiences
  • Its ability to converse naturally is limited
  • There are doubts regarding factualness & truthfulness

How can we use ChatGPT to improve marketing?

Fast response time is one the key advantages and benefits ChatGPT. It can be used to quickly generate research for the content creation based on user interests and drive traffic. We can easily use it to curate content to understand the competitors move and create valuable content out of it in lesser time.

Although it may not be able to completely replicate the emotional intelligence and creativity level, it can be used to at-least get the basic ideas and generate high quality content through human intervention.

ChatGPT and Content creators or marketers can surely become good friends!

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Sustainable Interior Designing

Sustainable Decors At Home

Sustainability is all about maintaining a balance between the environment and our own needs without impacting the environment and preventing future generations to meet their own desires and needs. Along with the issues of global warming, deforestation, and climate change, it is high time we understand the magnitude of the prevailing situation. We can take the first step towards saving the planet by building an eco-friendly home and taking steady action towards sustainable homes. There are various sustainable and eco-friendly interior designing that will enhance the living atmosphere in homes while reducing our carbon footprint.

Designing with jute – Jute, the sustainable natural fiber can be used to add a rustic look to our home environment. Simple decors made of jute and furniture can simply amplify the aesthetics of our homes without causing a negative impact on the environment. Jute can be used on furniture pieces like swings, sofa sets, and ottomans to bring texture to the spaces. It can be paired up with fluffy pillows to give a rustic look and texture. It provides a clutter-free look to the rooms and brings freshness and positivity to the room. The minimalistic home decors like Jute mats and carpets are pleasing to the eye. These elements used in the rooms are eco-friendly, trendy and biodegradable.

Distressed finish on the walls – Another eco-friendly interior design is a brick cladding wall with distressed wooden flooring along with minimalistic furniture to give a stylish look to the rooms. This wall texture is highly suitable in bedrooms and living rooms as it brings a bold statement. The texture of the walls goes well with recycled materials and some indoor plants which gives an eco-friendly ambiance to the room. The stylish and layered interior decoration of the rooms provides an elegant look and creates a soothing atmosphere in bedrooms and living rooms.

Bamboo – Raw and thick bamboo can be used to decorate and design the rooms. It can be used as a unique divider between two rooms for floor-to-ceiling. It provides a delicate appearance to the rooms and provides necessary privacy for windows and terraces. It is easier and cheap when it comes to maintenance. It is available in various shapes, styles, and colors. It can also be used as durable flooring as it has structurally strong property. It gives a fresh and natural look to the room. Bamboo accessories can also be used to improve the look of the rooms and decorate spaces in the living rooms, bedrooms, and dining halls. These decors give an additional element to the furniture piece.

Environment-conscious finishes – The paints on the walls to give an extra shine to the room plays an important role in sustainability. One might want to use finishes that have reduced levels of toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds. No-toxic paint finishes with “low VOCs”, water-based paints, and latex paints can be used to reduce the ecological footprint. This ensures earth-friendly finishes to homes and living spaces. It automatically enlightens the mood and satisfaction.

5 ideas to add colour to your living room


The living room is one of the most important spaces at home for entertainment and relaxation. It is a place where we spend our time with family and friends.  The design and decors of the living room are meant to be inviting. The style of living rooms sets a tone for the rest of the home through various furniture, accessories, and personal collections. Adding elegant and brilliant colours to living rooms are initial step toward adding style and personality to the living rooms. Nothing can transform the living room with the right choice of colours and paints. Colour is the first thing that is considered while designing a living room. Some of the ideas to add colour to the living room are listed below:

Peaceful and elegant white – A brilliant white paint on the living room walls have a transformative impact on the interiors.  The white painting on the walls makes every non-white piece of furniture, accessory, or fabric a star in your living room.  The white paints are an ideal choice for small living room ideas. It can also be well decorated with primary colours over the white like addition of gold or coppery metallic to add warmth to the room.

Modern Grays and whites – According to interior designs, white and black is the most famous combination of colours well suited for living rooms. The white texture of the living rooms along with unique accessories and modern furniture brings serenity and calmness. White being a versatile colour, it matches well with a wide range of furniture styles and modern artwork.

Soft Muted Neutrals – Neutrals are highly trending in the market this year as we move past black and white or gray and beige. Adding elegant neutral colours to the living room like hazelnut, mushroom, golden yellow, mint and green gives a cozy feeling. As per interior decorators, warmer neutral tones are the best choice for modern living room styles.

Peaceful and calming blues – Different eye-catchy shades of blue bring life to the living rooms. The colour combinations are highly suitable for anyone who prefers stronger colour. This idea is ideal for mid century living rooms, a shade that has the power to transform. Indigo and deep blue provide a joyous atmosphere. This is the choice of colour for artists and designers. Soft blue is also popular in the world of interiors decorators and is growing living room trend. It has the quality of being smoothing and invigorating. Blue walls with the crisp white or pebble grey create a calming feel.

Soft Greens – Having green walls in living rooms is surely a good idea. It is a nod to beauty and nature which creates a calming atmosphere no matter how busy the living space is. Moreover, soft green walls inspire spontaneity and creativity which makes them an ideal choice for living room walls.

Top 5 Adventure Sports In India

India is fast growing into a favored destination for adventure sports. The mountains, beaches, deserts, forests provide opportunities for adventure and sports. Throughout the length and breadth of the country, one can find multiple destinations with thrilling adventurous activities. Mentioned below are the top 5 adventure sports in India.

Paragliding: If there is one thing that a human always fancies, that is flying. It is a relatively new sport in India. It’s a thrilling experience to soar high and the vast expanse of the landscape beneath. So, if you are ready to conquer the skies, paragliding is the best option. It is the easiest way to fly in the air like a bird. Some of the destinations that offer Paragliding services include Ladakh, Kamshet, Darjeeling, Solang, Billing, and South Anjuna in Goa.


River Rafting: It is one of the most popular adventure sports in India. In the last couple of years, it has gained popularity in India. Rafting is a completely different experience as the river flows between high mountain walls, the views are absolutely stunning. It is a fun-filled activity; if you are an adventure lover you must experience this and shun the hectic boredom once in a while. Some of the Popular destinations include Zanskar, Manali, Rishikesh, Coorg, and Brahmaputra.

River Rafting

Snorkeling: It is considered one of the safest ways to explore the beauty of marine life beneath the water. It is usually done with the aid of a diving mask, fins, and a breathing tube. India is gifted with beautiful islands and does offer great opportunities to experience snorkeling. Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Lakshadweep are some known snorkeling destinations in India. Experience the thrill and beauty of India’s stunning underwater natural world.


Sky diving: Though sky diving in India is a new concept, there are a lot of places you can have unmatched fun and excitement of diving into the skies.  Fly like a bird amidst the winds and enjoy a freefall from 4000 feet above, gazing at the breathtaking landscaped beauty beneath. The sky diving camps provide professional training for 2-3days. The experience is just out of the world. Dhana in Madhya Pradesh, Mysore in Karnataka, Deesa in Gujarat, and Aamby Valley in Maharashtra are some places where you can try skydiving.

Sky Diving

Heli-Skiing : It is also known as exhilarating winter sports. It is the best way to get acquainted with the snowy mountains of the Himalayas. It’s truly an amazing feeling once you are on the top of the mountain as the sun reflects the impeccably white slopes. You feel on top of the world as you come whizzing down through the snow on your skies and the cold wind nipping at your face. It is one of the recreational activities popular with adventure lovers. Gulmarg in Kashmir and Manali in Himachal Pradesh are the hotspots for skiing and heli-skiing.  

Heli Skiing

Adventure gateways are the latest in terms of spending holidays. If you want to try something adventurous these are the sports which will bring you immense satisfaction. So ditch the monotony of daily life and try something new.

The Festival Of Colours – HOLI

The Beacon of Hope, Love and Merriment

The Spring Season

Millions of people in India awaits the most colorful festival: HOLI

It is the festival where Indians welcome the spring season. The beginning of the wonderful season!  

To many Bengalis, the celebration of Holi symbolizes a new year, a new beginning.

The festival of colors also symbolizes the wonderful season and celebration of agriculture, harvests, and fertile land.

According to Hindu mythology, the origin of Holi started with Holida dahan, which signifies the victory of good over evil.

The festival provides an absolute reason to celebrate the glory of life.  People usually spend their time outdoor, throwing colors and water bombing each other. The tradition has been observed for decades.

The Holika Bonfire

The festival usually begins with a ‘Holika Bonfire’. A group of people with their friends or family sings and dances around the bonfire to the drums and dholaks. The bonfire takes place on the evening of a full moon (also known as Purnima) as per the Hindu calendar. The night before Holi is the celebration of the death of the demon named Holika. This event signifies the victory of good over evil.

Watch out for colour bombs during Holi!

The next day is filled with colors!  People, irrespective of religion, caste, status, or creed gather together to have a friendly color fight!  People try to water bomb one another filled with colors. Although the colors are harmless and safe, you might want to watch out for the water bombs, which might startle you and take you off guard!

The fun filled activities are what makes Holi so special!


As an Indian how could you forget the delicacies ?

Indians just can’t keep calm when it comes to exciting foods!

You definitely don’t wanna miss out on the delicacies! Apart from the fun-filled activities and excitement, it’s the time to eat, drink and celebrate life!

With the bright colors in the air, the amazing festival of colors is incomplete without food!

Here are some of the delicacies you don’t wanna miss if you are attending the festival:

Thandai  – It is indeed the center of attraction for Indians playing Holi. It is a wholesome beverage of cold milkshake made with dry fruits like almonds, fennel seeds, saffron, cardamom, sugar, rose petals, and poppy. It is an absolutely refreshing drink for Holi. In some places, you might also get some magic ingredient that is bhag! If you wanna be a little high you know.


Malpua – It is a sweet dish eaten widely during the festival of Holi. The pancake-style sweet and crispy dessert is made with flour, khoya, semolina, and cardamom. Malpua is dipped with sugary syrup to fill your mouth with sweetness.


Ladoos – Ladoos are famous Indian sweets made with different ingredients like motichoor, sugar, boondi, and til. So, you can indulge yourself in this sweet as you play Holi.


Dahi Balle  – It is also a famous snack enjoyed during the festival of colors. It consists of small soft vadas covered with chilled curd, chutneys, and namkeens and enjoyed with green chutney and spices.

Dahi Balle

Rasmalai – None of the Indian festivals is complete without this amazing sweet dish. Rasmalai is a creamy delight with chenna and milk. An epitome of sweet goodness. The taste of this sweet is further elevated with saffron strands, fruit essence, and some dry fruits. So adorn your festival with this aromatic sweet dish, Rasmalai.


Badam Fhirni – This dish is for people who do not like too much sweetness. With a very light sweet taste, Fhirni is a thicker version of Kheer with a more creamy texture. If you want to enjoy a light sweet dish, you might wanna try Badam Fhirni. The goodness of almonds will surely lift up your spirits.

Badam Fhirni

Pakoras – What’s the fun without some crunchies? This dish can be a shining star among all the dishes. Pakoras are simply made with besan, onions, and some species. And if you want you may add some bhag in it!


The festival is indeed the one that is blooming with culture, colors, and tradition! A wonderful time of the year, where everyone forgets the worries and struggles of life and comes out to celebrate with their loved ones. There is no exception to this festival.

Paper Towns

Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and his next-door neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman, played together as children, but over time Margo has become an unattainable girl of allure and mystery. Just some time before graduation, the two friends reconnect when she suddenly appears at Q’s window and asks for help with an all-night revenge spree targeting unfaithful friends and bullies throughout their Orlando neighborhood. This adrenaline-filled adventure kicks off Paper Towns, another insightful novel by the Printz award-winning novelistJohn Green, and refuels Quentin’s desire for Margo.

The book portrays young minds and their desire to experience things. Get lost in the beauty of youthful days with Margo and Quentin.


Unacknowledged beauty

Sunbeams kiss my cheeks
The wind chimes against the trees be music to my ears
Gives a fresh sweet scented smell.
Feels as if they are talking to me
Smiling at me..
Wanna befriend me…
Affirming my inner thoughts…

Saying that ‘we are there for you’
Perhaps saying that ‘you are not alone’

The warmth on my skin
Makes my eyes drowsy.
The nature around makes me high

The golden leaves on the trees
shining in sunbeams
Sing with joy….
The mischievous squirrels playing around
The doves hoping here and there
The kingfishers on the branches with keen eyes on the pond.

Eyes fixated in the network of twigs of trees around.
The leaves of the mahogany trees sing joyously
Swinging and swaying merrily…
As if happily living their life…
There is beauty in wild trees and shrubs too
Making the surroundings look greener than before
The beauty of God’s work never felt before.

Now and then birds chirping can be heard
Trying to figure out from which tree are they peeping
Wish I knew what they are communicating!
The nature makes me wonder
Is this the heaven that humans look for?

In love with the sound of silence around me…

Away from humanly clutters
Away from the hustle and bustle of town
Aways from the noise of vehicles passing by
Away from electronics for a while..
Made my day!!

Beauty of Nature

​Luxurious travel in India

India is a land of extraordinary beauty and elegance, a homeland of exotic mountains, deserts, beautiful hill stations, riverfront and beach cities. Every destination in India is unique and filled with extra oomph that will makes it  ideal destinations for luxurious holidays. India has plenty to offer for the elite travelers. Here are top 5 luxurious trips that you can visit in India.

Goa: It is land for a vacay filled with serenity and richness. It is an ideal place to visit during the holidays. It is a destination that vibrates with tourists of all ages and races. This place is covered with rich Portuguese architectural buildings, laid back environs and resorts and above all the overwhelming ambiance of the beach. Spending time here is absolutely refreshing and always keeps you in a happy mood.  

Jaipur, Rajasthan: The capital of Rajasthan is always beaming with tourists from across the country.  It is one of the states that receives tourists almost every season.  If you are an architectural admirer, it is the perfect place. Its flocking with  historical buffs and architectural building of the Mughal Dynasty. It is wonderful city to explore. It will be a nice rejuvenating stay to spend the holidays. 

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu: It is a hill town that lies in the Southern India. It is absolutely a nature lovers divine destination. The beauty of waterfalls, hills, cliffs and lakes will leave you mesmerized. It is a divine destination as it offers luxurious resorts to reside and you will find solitary and peace. It is perfect for peace seekers and who wants to spend their holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the town. 

Gangtok, Sikkim: It is one of the magnificent tourist destination.  You can view the Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan peaks. This hill town offers a great sight. Alongside stupas and monasteries, it also bustles like any other thriving town. It is a great place to hangout with your friends or family for a while, and experience the beauty of the snow capped mountains. It offers modern amenities with the charming mountains. It is a very comfortable place to spend vacation. 

Guwahati, Assam:  This distinct city has a lot to offer. You must definitely  take a tour to the hilly ranges, and once in a while experience the ferry ride from one island to another. The experience is absolutely rejuvenating. You can visit the Kamakhya Temple, or visit the incredible botanical gardens and the zoo. To seek some luxury you can splash into luxurious resorts. 


These were some of the luxurious trips in and around India that you can visit. So get some refreshment, ditch the monotony of your life. Once in a while you must treat yourself to these amazing destinations. 


Offbeat places in West Bengal

Explore some of the offbeat tourist destinations in West Bengal.Calm and serene, tourist spots distributed in different corners of this part of Bengal let the travellers get in touch with nature.

Ideal duration: 4 – 12 days

Best time: October to March

Tourist destinations

1. Bakkhali : It is a perfect retreat for sea lovers. Very close to Sundarban and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, tourists can enjoy the bliss of nature’s beauty. The temple of Banbibi is located inside the Casuarina forest.

2. Makutmanipur: It is a great place for those who want an amalgam of nature and architecture. It also abode to beautiful temples. A serene location which gives few moments of peacefulness to you.

3. Dooars: The gateway to untainted tranquility. It is the centre of attraction of WB tourism. It has dense forest, deep green tea gardens, magnetic streams, exotic wildlife and streaming rivers which generate a soothing feel. The tourists  spend long vacation in the lap of nature.

4.  Samsing: A Landscape Coloured With Green and Orange.The village is covered with bright orange orchards, lush green tea gardens, low hills, dense forest inhabited by small animals and birds. It boosts the grandeur of its scenic view.

5. Tajpur: Mystifying Beauty of Casuarina Groves and Keya Flower.Those who love to go adventurous can enjoy Kayaking, Rafting, Zorbing, and Rock Climbing. This is absolutely a beach lovers destination known for its natural beauty.


These are some of the offbeat destinations in West Bengal where you can spend your vacation and spend some time with family or friends. Take a break from your busy life and dwell in the beauty of nature.